April 1, 2010

Dammit, they got me

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So I wasn’t going to write up a post today, but after what just happened I felt the inspiration to. I was browsing through all the meaningless invitations I’ve been sent on my personal Facebook and got a message from the de facto leader of my core from Guild Wars. “Alex I’m gonna play Warhammer with you.”


The core that made MMO’s for me. The core that would inevitably follow him right into Warhammer and make everything awesomesauce. This person in question is Asian, and not to be racist, but they’re all pathological liars. Every one of them. Or maybe just this one? Anyway, he has a history of prolonged jokes. I was ready, though. I made sure to ask him a WHOLE THREE TIMES if he was messing with me. I then offered to have him level 40 in a week after which he promptly responded, “april fools.”

So there’s my story. I was tricked, and it was a damn good one. I was going to slingshot this post straight into my own kind of trollish April Fools prank, but I think I’ll pass this time. April 1st is less than six hours from being over (Eastern), you must persevere. Don’t fall like I did, stay strong and be vigilant.


March 31, 2010

Bad Moon’s Rising

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I normally try to keep my posts as server-general as possible. I leave the politics to the boards. However, in order to make a point, I’m going to have to tell you the story of what might be the most fun I’ve had in WAR and how it proves that competition can exist on my server.

Fact: Destruction on Gorfang routinely loses in both open RvR and Scenarios

Fact: The Order zerg on Gorfang vastly outnumbers the Destruction stragglers

Fact: The morale of Destruction reflects these two facts. Well, most of Destruction.

The past two nights in the lakes have been close to if not the most fun I’ve ever had in this game. Since the move to Gorfang, I’ve been a scenario junkie. Oldies from The Ninth Night made sure of that. We would farm scenarios for hours on end, raking in 5-6k renown per harvest. What I never really experienced, however, was the oRvR equivalent.

I joined Bad Moon because of what I read about them. I contacted a member and asked them what the guild was all about. To my great surprise, it reminded me of a group I played with a few years ago in Guild Wars. The deal was basically done, my friend and I moved over.

A group or two of Bad Moon members out in Eataine. Order has got the zone on lockdown. We made our move into the Sanctuary of Dreams, wrecking the Order that were defending it. The following defense battle was what really opened my eyes. At the end, according to Casualties of War, the numbers were 41 v 13. The kills were 30 to 90. A small group of coordinated players had not only displaced but held ground against a force four times our size, and killed three times as many of them as they killed us.

I’m not going to go into detail with any of the other fights we have experience over the two nights so far. This thread isn’t (entirely =D) about this fights. It’s rather about how despite the perceived imbalances on our server, the game is still playable. We killed Bright Wizards. We killed Slayers. We killed Warrior Priests. I’m sure we killed a FA bomber or two. Nobody used WarBuddy to beat us, and Autofocus didn’t wipe our group.

It IS possible to put up a fight on Gorfang. We have proven that. However, there are still things we cannot do. The Order force last night numbered over 100. We were running a smaller group of just over 6. These are the odds where realm support becomes essential. To those of you out there fighting, keep it up. To those of you waiting in the wings for the balance to shift back, help make it shift yourself. Finally, to those of you who have never tried much oRvR, give it a shot. You might just find that ya’ like it.

March 29, 2010

Purging the stupid out of the Purge system

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I see that great minds think alike and all that jazz, as Bootae has recently published his frustrations with ToVL. This post will highlight mine.

If you are an ardent reader of this blog, you know that last week I got my PvE on and cleared up to the 7th boss in a brand spankin’ new static VL group. This past weekend was run #2. All was well through the first six bosses, we even had two pieces of Tyrant drop! Piczz below

I’d like it to be known that I lost the loot roll on those shoulders, and I wasn’t too happy about it. Anyway, we cleared our way up to the 7th boss PQ and even through that. Shortly thereafter (before we attempted the boss), POP goes the purge PQ. A little dismayed, but determined, the whole group switched straight into RvR mode. We reset the trap, settled into a foxhole, and sat. And we sat. And we sat…

…Until the 30 minute timer had elapsed. Loot bags were passed out according to some imaginary contribution system that takes the ratio of pets you own to people living in your neighbor’s house and multiplies that number by the derivative of the sin of your birthday. After we all received our Cartouches (read: three of us), we got back into carebear PvE mode.

And so we set on, oars against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. There’s your literary reference for today’s post. Little did we know just how “borne back” we were though, because when the purge ended the 7th PQ restarted. A little more dismayed but still determined nonetheless we killed those Ushtabi. Mere seconds after the door opened allowing us access to the boss room, POP goes the purge PQ. This time we were pissed.

We weren’t going to let these Order fools get away with it. The group rushed out to the front of the instance only to find a dead teleporter and zero Order. So we waited. And we waited. And we waited. We waited until that damn 30 minute timer had elapsed. Loot bags were summarily given out and all was well in the world, except for our VL run. We decided to call it because that hour that was lost was enough to use up the remaining time our offtank had. For the record, in over an hour of playtime, we did not try the 7th boss once. This was not purposeful.

So after reading this slightly lighthearted post, I hope you can read between the lines. There are some serious problems with the purge system that need some serious fixing. Here we go

– Multiple purges per instance lockout
Purging as a theory is awesome. Being able to invade an enemy’s instance and fight tooth and nail over the treasure that might have been theirs is, on paper, fantastic. However, that’s not the reason why you go in ToVL, is it? This is Warhammer. If you want PvP, you can get PvP. If you want PvE, you go to VL or LV. Purging should simply be a reminder that we play a PvP game, it shouldn’t take all the PvE out of it.

– Solo / Empty purges
If you go into VL, you’re going to be in a group of six. Shouldn’t it make sense that in order to purge you would need a group of six too? A single invader will do nothing in the face of a coordinated group, so it’s simply wrong to allow it. Empty purges often go along with the soloers. If everyone who invaded your instance leaves said instance, end the freakin’ PQ! There is no reason why we should have to sit there for 30 minutes, thumbs up our asses, because some jerk felt like griefing our dungeon run.

I hope these issues at least get looked at, because it’s pretty stupid they exist in the first place. As a side note, I had this post completely written up about 20 minutes ago and due to some accidental input on my touch pad, it was erased. I’m pretty confident the first version was a lot funnier than this one… so laugh twice as hard (if at all… I was much happier with the original) to compensate.

As another side note, the ability list has been confirmed. It will be two documents, one for Order classes and one for Destruction classes. Work will begin on this project with the help of a friend of mine in the coming week. Thanks for all your interest.

March 27, 2010

Blog Spotlight!

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I’m going to revisit a past post topic here because the good news train just keeps on a chuggin’ (I really have no idea what that means) A few weeks ago I did a reactionary post to Andrew over at Shadow-war about a resurgence of players back to Warhammer. Well, this renaissance period isn’t even close to over. Since then we have seen the arrival of even more new blogs, and three of my favorites will be highlighted in this post.

First, KruelWAR. Kruelhand Stand is a rr7x Marauder over on Badlands, and a pretty good blogger to boot. His last few posts about dueling have been particularly enjoyable to me as I was once really into dueling. I did get a little chuckle out of this post, nothing condescending about it, but it’s interesting to see how we each are affected by the “grass is greener” syndrome. I would kill to see city sieges slow down on Gorfang and he would do the same just to see the inside of a stage 1 PQ. The blog is definitely solid and a good read, check it out!

Next up is Super Effective. Aptly titled because of the author’s super effective healing playstyle while on her Zealot, DoK, and even Magus. Which one is the Magus healing tree again? I really like the laid back tone of this blog. It’s fun to read and the way the author writes keeps each post interesting. Again, add this one to the RSS feed.

Finally, we have Blurring Shock. The author is a SM (I have nightmares about dueling your class, but I think we can get past that) on Karak-Azgal. Similar to many people recently, Aeoluw has recently returned to the game. A few of the most recent posts dealt with a pie chart divvying up the damage that his tank took during combat. I had never seen anything like this quantified before, so it was a very interesting read. Just like the other two, this is a blog you really need to check out. Keep on supporting the community.

When I wrote the first post on this blog back in May of last year, the WAR blogging community was dying fast. The blogs which originally got me interested in starting my own went under shortly after I started up. Now, in the second incarnation of WARgames, the exact opposite is happening. The community is being revitalized in the presence of a game that is miles ahead of anything we saw last year. It’s no where near perfect and can be insanely aggravating at times, but it’s still fun. A huge part of MMO’s is the community, and this game has a good one. That’s all for now, folks.

March 26, 2010

What’s $15 Worth to You?

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There’s a lot about this game that might make me want to log off, but there’s nothing that makes me want to unsub.

In every MMO I’ve played, probably every one I haven’t as well, there’s an underlying feeling of negativity if you look hard enough. There’s always something to complain about, and always someone that will. That’s not to say that complaining is blasphemous or that I never do it; I do it all the time. However, at times there are those who take it to the level of religious fanaticism. Sometimes we all need the reminder that this IS just a game.

The problem stems deeper than resentment for a game in particular. There’s some sociological factor that makes us want to convince others that we are right in order to feel accepted. This can be seen at least in Gorfang’s advice chat. I try to keep it on so that I can answer some questions for the Endless Trial users. When I scan the other responses though, I see the same old thing. People who are agitated with the game would rather give a bloated and often incorrect appraisal rather than answer a simple question like, “How do I socket items?”

Warhammer has some very high peaks and some very low valleys. It’s up to the players themselves to determine which one will make a bigger impact on their gaming experience. I’m not here to tell you what to do, I’m only here to state things as I see them. So, I’ll ask one more time. What’s $15 worth to you?

March 25, 2010

Litmus Test

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Relatively little is happening in the world of Warhammer recently. The majority of people are just going about their business in WAR waiting on the next patch. I’m no different, so I’ve been thinking hard lately on what would be interesting to blog about. I’ve always enjoyed it when bloggers have done side projects, so I pose to you guys a question.

I recently have had an interest in creating a text or PDF document that lists every ability and tactic in a linear readout. As much of a great tool as wardb is, I don’t like reading abilities by hovering my mouse over them. As I am also a mix/maxer, I am a little appalled at my own lack of specific ability knowledge. So, here’s the question. Is there demand out there for a text / PDF of every ability and tactic? If you guys want one, I’ll make it. If it won’t go to use by someone other than me, I won’t bother investing the time that it will take. Let me know your thoughts through the comments. Thanks guys!

March 24, 2010

Incentivizing Properly

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This post by Werit got me thinking about Weekend Warfronts and what I think of them. I tried to look past the shiny reward(s?) and the 10% renown bonus and analyze what’s actually going on. My verdict? I like them, but it’s not enough. There are tons of complaints flying around since the release of the new scenario system that scenarios are ruining the game, killing oRvR, and passing healthcare. All of them horrendous offenses.

What we need alongside scenario bonuses are bonuses for open RvR! Where is my incentive to go take a keep? I’ve long since capped out on my influence and can get much more renown from a solid premade. Another factor, one that I haven’t decided upon yet, is I’m not sure if the Weekend Warfronts should be weekend events at all. A possible alternative would be to create “Weekly Warfronts.” Extend the scenario events from Monday to Thursday, increase the numbers on all the objectives, and give us some worthwhile rewards. At the same time, implement some kind of weekend incentive to get out and push some zones. Add a (couple?) new tiers of influence with gear that people actually want. This could mirror the scenario weapon system. Give renown and experience bonuses for being a part of the war effort.

All of what I just said sounds nice on paper (to me, at least). However, we do not live in a perfect world. On my server Order dominates completely and totally. Destruction has been beaten to a pulp so severely that they don’t try anymore (future post material possibly).

I’ve gotten a little bit off track from what this post was originally intentioned to be. I suggested my ideas for incentivized events but it just won’t work unless Mythic steps in and pulls a few fixes from the ground up. I’m hoping that the city change could somehow revitalize the oRvR scene on Gorfang, at least.

In conclusion: I like Weekend Warfronts, but the incentive shouldn’t be just on scenarios. Give us reasons to play the entire game.

March 21, 2010

Tombs Pt. 2

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Remember how I said I would post again after our second night of pillaging the tombs? Well, our expedition didn’t end until 4 in the morning. Being human, I fell asleep well before our adventures had ended (to the chagrin of my group). Our trip was full of exciting, for me at least, progression… which is as good as loot, right?

We started just over two and a half hours later than we had planned. I was forty minutes late due to a family obligation but the ringer was the fact that we had to farm up about 200 resources. Since I’ve been gone, Mythic has dramatically nerfed resource farming. To be fair, that’s probably a positive fix for the game. However, I don’t like it. I used to be able to farm up all 500 resources in a half hour. Now it took a team of six over an hour for 200. If anyone has quicker methods to this than farming keep guards in contested zones, please leave a comment.

Anyway, after that oh so short setback, we made it into the Tombs. The fifth boss stood defiant from the inside of his tiny ceramic jar (coward). A little too defiant, in fact, for what amounted to be over an hour. It was actually pretty cool to be there when the group “clicked” on the encounter. One attempt we struggled through the first five champs and could only do 22% of the jar’s health, the next we downed the champs in record time with no hiccups and blasted the jar for a record 28%. The rest of the encounter went without mistakes, until the very end. After we killed the jar, in our blissful exuberance, we were caught off guard by the boss and lackey champion spawning again. I just started laughing/screaming in vent. Luckily, the group pulled together and nobody important got cleaved before our tanks lassoed the mobs and we were able to burn them down. Six months in the making, I’ve finally killed that damned fifth boss. Killed him dead… for a Disciple’s glyph. A Disciple which doesn’t exist in our static group. Moooving on.

For the first time since my number one journey into ToVL, I was in new content. It was really exciting. The sixth boss fight went without worry for our group. I got to go all choppa on the pillars and then all choppa (just a lot slower) on the three scorpions. Nothing much to say here, we quickly moved to the seventh.

This is where our trials in the Tombs ended last night. At 3:30 a.m., your coordination is severely lacking. The aura-eating champion-kiting specifics of the seventh boss were like calculus to a toddler (or to me). There’s again not much to say here because we didn’t spend too much time on it. We will be spending the next few days researching the fight and will begin again on Thursday. Hopefully this time we will start on the seventh boss Friday night, leaving the entire weekend to try and clear.

Boy, it’s good to be back.

March 20, 2010

Tomb of the Vulture Snores

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So, the title is a little more antagonistic than this post will actually be. To start off, I LOVE ToVL. I think the dungeon is an absolute blast with wildly creative environments and (so far) really fun bosses. That being said, and more along the lines of this post, something has changed.

My last experience in ToVL took place about, eh, six months ago. Last night was round one for my newly formed static group. From my previous experiences in the tomb I knew to be wary of everything there including the trash mobs. What I was surprised to see is that I was the only one who felt that way. In skipping out on six months of the dungeon’s progression, I had essentially skipped out on the hard part. I still remember spending over an hour on the first boss. I also remember sitting miserably at the computer as our tanks tried to understand the kiting mechanic on boss #2. The trash mobs in the third boss’ room gave us hell for at least an hour and a half every run, and then the boss itself was a steel wall of “you-will-get-no-further-this-time” for a solid two weeks. I don’t even remember the fourth boss fight from last time but the trash was a bitch. And finally, the fifth boss, as far as TNN ever got by the way, was where our progression came to a screeching and final halt.

It’s an interesting dichotomy when compared to the run that I had last night. First off, in the TNN runs we had a party of 6 people who all knew each other very well and had been playing tog, together for a few months. Last night was the second time most of us had played together. We cleared the first boss on our second attempt, only wiping because the order of KD’s hadn’t been established beforehand. Boss two dropped before he could even summon those annoying AoE swords, which may not be an achievement anymore but was mightily impressive in my outdated opinion. The trash in the third room was cleaned out in a matter of 15 minutes and the third boss itself was downed on our first ever try. #4 was again no big deal and we quickly made our way to the fifth.

This, unfortunately, is where our run ended for the night. We are planning on picking it back up sometime tonight. However, I am still amazed at the apparent lack of any difficultly through the first half of the instance. It’s pretty crazy to see the beginning of a dungeon’s progression, and then come back much later when it’s become almost puggable. If anything of import happens tonight, I’ll make sure to do another post about the second half of our run. On an unrelated note, I did get the second piece of the 5 piece glyph set off the fourth boss last night, so that made me pretty happy.


I’ve got a few topics which I am thinking about writing on, but can’t decide. I’m feeling pretty salty about slayers recently, so that might become a target for my ire. I’m also probably going to give my 2 cents on the recent quotes from Bioware’s CEO. In the end both will probably make their way down the pipeline, so stay tuned. Enjoy your weekend, Warhammer Universe.

March 14, 2010


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Tuffet, a pretty solid SW from my own server of Gorfang has recently launched his own blog. Go ahead and give him a kickstart by using that link I gave ya. (Even though he’s Order)

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