April 20, 2010


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Hey guys! Been too long since I’ve released a full fledged post, and it’s going to have to wait at least another day. For now I’ve got a forum threat for you to check out. I think most players can agree that they want new content in this game. Well, someone on my server has put together a small thread that’s got a few kudos already. Give it a read, and maybe throw a kudo his way.

Also, I’m going to be writing about all my ToVL experiences, which will probably be the next post I put up. It’s almost halfway done, but I’ve been decimated recently with year-end work. I’m not going anywhere, it’s just a down period in my blog activity. Go kill some people in WAR.


April 9, 2010

Update, more to come soon

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Hope everyone is having a good Friday today, got a little tidbit to pass along to you guys regarding TheWARCAST. I neglected to mention in my first post that this podcast will be available both on YouTube and iTunes (rejoice now). Some of you may be chomping at the bit for any news coming out of TheWARCAST camp, so here’s a bit. The show was approved by iTunes and that page can be found right here. Also, there’s an introductory video guiding new users to the YouTube channel where most of the audience’s opinions will be sent in. Here’s the video.

I’m well aware that four of the WAR Blaaaghers finest were down in Virginia yesterday. A few of my questions have already been answered in the quick posts they were able to get up. I’m going to hold off on doing a full opinion of the event and the information that came out of it until all the answers are laid bare. Stay tuned!

Edit: I used the word “bit” in some form or fashion three times in the first paragraph. I’m going to leave it like that, but I need to go get some food. Enjoy yourselves today

March 29, 2010

Purging the stupid out of the Purge system

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I see that great minds think alike and all that jazz, as Bootae has recently published his frustrations with ToVL. This post will highlight mine.

If you are an ardent reader of this blog, you know that last week I got my PvE on and cleared up to the 7th boss in a brand spankin’ new static VL group. This past weekend was run #2. All was well through the first six bosses, we even had two pieces of Tyrant drop! Piczz below

I’d like it to be known that I lost the loot roll on those shoulders, and I wasn’t too happy about it. Anyway, we cleared our way up to the 7th boss PQ and even through that. Shortly thereafter (before we attempted the boss), POP goes the purge PQ. A little dismayed, but determined, the whole group switched straight into RvR mode. We reset the trap, settled into a foxhole, and sat. And we sat. And we sat…

…Until the 30 minute timer had elapsed. Loot bags were passed out according to some imaginary contribution system that takes the ratio of pets you own to people living in your neighbor’s house and multiplies that number by the derivative of the sin of your birthday. After we all received our Cartouches (read: three of us), we got back into carebear PvE mode.

And so we set on, oars against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. There’s your literary reference for today’s post. Little did we know just how “borne back” we were though, because when the purge ended the 7th PQ restarted. A little more dismayed but still determined nonetheless we killed those Ushtabi. Mere seconds after the door opened allowing us access to the boss room, POP goes the purge PQ. This time we were pissed.

We weren’t going to let these Order fools get away with it. The group rushed out to the front of the instance only to find a dead teleporter and zero Order. So we waited. And we waited. And we waited. We waited until that damn 30 minute timer had elapsed. Loot bags were summarily given out and all was well in the world, except for our VL run. We decided to call it because that hour that was lost was enough to use up the remaining time our offtank had. For the record, in over an hour of playtime, we did not try the 7th boss once. This was not purposeful.

So after reading this slightly lighthearted post, I hope you can read between the lines. There are some serious problems with the purge system that need some serious fixing. Here we go

– Multiple purges per instance lockout
Purging as a theory is awesome. Being able to invade an enemy’s instance and fight tooth and nail over the treasure that might have been theirs is, on paper, fantastic. However, that’s not the reason why you go in ToVL, is it? This is Warhammer. If you want PvP, you can get PvP. If you want PvE, you go to VL or LV. Purging should simply be a reminder that we play a PvP game, it shouldn’t take all the PvE out of it.

– Solo / Empty purges
If you go into VL, you’re going to be in a group of six. Shouldn’t it make sense that in order to purge you would need a group of six too? A single invader will do nothing in the face of a coordinated group, so it’s simply wrong to allow it. Empty purges often go along with the soloers. If everyone who invaded your instance leaves said instance, end the freakin’ PQ! There is no reason why we should have to sit there for 30 minutes, thumbs up our asses, because some jerk felt like griefing our dungeon run.

I hope these issues at least get looked at, because it’s pretty stupid they exist in the first place. As a side note, I had this post completely written up about 20 minutes ago and due to some accidental input on my touch pad, it was erased. I’m pretty confident the first version was a lot funnier than this one… so laugh twice as hard (if at all… I was much happier with the original) to compensate.

As another side note, the ability list has been confirmed. It will be two documents, one for Order classes and one for Destruction classes. Work will begin on this project with the help of a friend of mine in the coming week. Thanks for all your interest.

March 25, 2010

Litmus Test

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Relatively little is happening in the world of Warhammer recently. The majority of people are just going about their business in WAR waiting on the next patch. I’m no different, so I’ve been thinking hard lately on what would be interesting to blog about. I’ve always enjoyed it when bloggers have done side projects, so I pose to you guys a question.

I recently have had an interest in creating a text or PDF document that lists every ability and tactic in a linear readout. As much of a great tool as wardb is, I don’t like reading abilities by hovering my mouse over them. As I am also a mix/maxer, I am a little appalled at my own lack of specific ability knowledge. So, here’s the question. Is there demand out there for a text / PDF of every ability and tactic? If you guys want one, I’ll make it. If it won’t go to use by someone other than me, I won’t bother investing the time that it will take. Let me know your thoughts through the comments. Thanks guys!

March 14, 2010


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Tuffet, a pretty solid SW from my own server of Gorfang has recently launched his own blog. Go ahead and give him a kickstart by using that link I gave ya. (Even though he’s Order)

June 19, 2009

A sad day

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Folks, the title says it all. As I sit here in hotel #1 of 2 (the second probably won’t have internet, and I’m only here for a night) I see that Warheap will no longer be updated. For those of you who don’t know, Warheap is among the elite tools for WAR players. It logs the number of active players of every career on every active server, dishing out percents, renown ranks, links to the realm war page, and more. It’s very simple to use and incredibly handy as well. It’s unfortunate that a site like this will no longer be around.

Check it out at warheap.com

June 18, 2009

Tweet tweet

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Don’t forget to follow the blog on twitter. While I’m out of town that is the one thing that will 100% be updated.

Also, scroll doooown and check out the recent posts on this page 😀

June 17, 2009

WCPI #2: Shadow WAR

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This week’s WCPI spotlight comes in the form of Shadow WAR. The blog’s author plays on my server, and while I am rarely given the chance to chop him into tiny bits, I do respect is opinions on the game. The blog is always well written and up to date, I’d highly suggest adding it to your tracker. That suggestion goes twice for all you Shadow Warriors out there. You can check out Shadow WARhere, and I hope you like it.

June 14, 2009

I’m not dead!

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It’s been a hellstorm of activity recently for me, so that’s why the posts have slowed down. No worries, it’s going to pick up again soon. Apologies to those who commented and didn’t recieve replies, you will soon.

June 12, 2009

Posts Incoming

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Going to (most likely) hit a blogging frenzy again today. Stay on alert!

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