April 25, 2010

Graverobber’s Weekly

Filed under: GRW, wartalk — Alex @ 2:19 pm

Disclaimer: My activity level on this blog (and in game) has been dismal of late. With class heating up just before it winds down, I’ve had trouble finding time for anything else, and I apologize for that. This period of relative inactivity will unfortunately continue for the next week or two. I will, however, pick up the pace a little bit.

I’ve really enjoyed writing about my static group’s adventures in ToVL, so I’m going to turn it into a series. Each week after our run, I’ll do a little write-up on how it went, any goodies we pilfered, and anything we learned about the dungeon. That last part might be important to some of you. After six weeks of running this dungeon with varied success, I have learned a trick or two every single attempt. The effort behind this series is to provide some entertainment, a little humor, and spread some information about a dungeon that few people see very much of.

I was going to start with Episode 1 this week, but due to some extenuating circumstances, we didn’t have a complete run. Not to worry, though, because next week will see the kickstart of the series. Also, as far as the 1.3.5 patch notes are concerned, I’m sure you’ve read them by now. In the next day or two I’m going to take some of my favorite and least favorite parts out of the notes and write an opinion piece. There’s lots of excitement going on right now with WAR, and I’m really glad that I’m being pulled away from the game before the patch hits rather than after. See everybody later!


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