April 11, 2010

Out with the old

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Today, similarly to Thehealeroftru (Welcome to the blogroll), I experienced my first ever Altdorf stage 2. To be quite honest I was my first ever Altdorf stage one as well. My previous experience was from the perspective of a sub 40 choppa with a framefrate approaching zero. I decided that since this content was leaving soon, I might as well get to experience some of it. Boy, it’s good that it’s going.

Stage one was simple enough. Identical to the IC stage one that I’ve taken part in countless times. After finding an alliance-only warband (shout out to Forsworn!) we made our way into the Bright Wizard College. We had some wise and wizened contenders in the warband who led all the noobs through the content. There really wasn’t much content to be had. The first encounter was a rez frenzied clusterf%$@, followed by a broken boss encounter that left us throwing axes for nearly 10 minutes. The three Bad Moon members present all recieved pieces of Warlord, represent. Shortly, the penultimate endgame PQ left much to be desired, but we will get to that later.

The warband then rode to the palace. We were told that we could make it through some of the minibosses for Royal Crests even though our warband wasn’t even close to fully excel. We downed Captain Jamus and whatever the other guys name was in due time, after another frenzied clusterf%$@ of rezzing. That was far from the end of the hilarity, though. The Shadow Warrior sub boss is probably part of why SWs everywhere cry themselves to sleep at night. She’s got a friggin’ ninja kick. If I played a SW I’d be pissed that I didn’t have a friggin’ ninja kick. On top of that, she’s got some pretty powerful moves whose power levels are over 9000 when you don’t have excelsior wards. Someone joked in vent that, “this boss probably has the most kills of any NPC in WAR.” I’m not going to argue. Our entire warband literally ran up to her, smacked her once, got cleaved, respawned, and repeated that process ad nauseum. It was worth the Royal Crest though.

Ok, I was light on the details because most of you who care have probably been through that content before. The real reason for this post is to give you my opinion on the current state of things in WAR’s endgame.

It sucks.

I’ll say it again, it sucks. I’m so glad that they are removing that crap in the next patch. To be quite honest, what they have said so far is head and shoulders above the content I experienced this morning. What have they said so far? It’s going to be completely RvR based. Yep, that’s it. Warhammer was billed as the PvP game to play. It was the next best thing. I’ve heard the stories that the endgame doesn’t contain PvP, I’ve never liked hearing that, but actually experiencing it was enough to drive that nail in. The endgame doesn’t have PvP. It is because of this that I excitedly say out with the old. Trash that bunch of broken PvE before all these new players get their hopes diminished by it. Not only did this morning show me how bad the current endgame is, it made me realize how excited I am for the new patch. I really want to like cities. Of course real life will probably never match what I imagined when I first read about this game, but they can at least infuse some PvP into it. PvP in WAR is super fun. Make us earn that Sov gear, and have fun while we do it.



  1. Yup right now city sieges are boring, and once you are geared up there is no reason to even involve yourself. It makes the whole game pointless.

    yeah you can still kill people, but once you have Sov/Tyrant, and are RR80 you really have finished the game.

    What is the point of gaining renown, taking keeps, getting to the city if you gain nothing. That is why most RR80’s either quit the game, or roll alts.

    Comment by Wasdstomp — April 11, 2010 @ 4:52 pm

  2. Yay I got a shout out.

    Yeah my WB tried to hit palace too but we ended up dieing on engineer. It’s ok though, rank 33 woulda got a sov piece on king anyways…

    Comment by Thehealeroftru — April 12, 2010 @ 6:33 pm

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