April 1, 2010

Dammit, they got me

Filed under: wartalk — Alex @ 3:10 pm

So I wasn’t going to write up a post today, but after what just happened I felt the inspiration to. I was browsing through all the meaningless invitations I’ve been sent on my personal Facebook and got a message from the de facto leader of my core from Guild Wars. “Alex I’m gonna play Warhammer with you.”


The core that made MMO’s for me. The core that would inevitably follow him right into Warhammer and make everything awesomesauce. This person in question is Asian, and not to be racist, but they’re all pathological liars. Every one of them. Or maybe just this one? Anyway, he has a history of prolonged jokes. I was ready, though. I made sure to ask him a WHOLE THREE TIMES if he was messing with me. I then offered to have him level 40 in a week after which he promptly responded, “april fools.”

So there’s my story. I was tricked, and it was a damn good one. I was going to slingshot this post straight into my own kind of trollish April Fools prank, but I think I’ll pass this time. April 1st is less than six hours from being over (Eastern), you must persevere. Don’t fall like I did, stay strong and be vigilant.


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