March 24, 2010

Incentivizing Properly

Filed under: wartalk — Alex @ 4:12 pm

This post by Werit got me thinking about Weekend Warfronts and what I think of them. I tried to look past the shiny reward(s?) and the 10% renown bonus and analyze what’s actually going on. My verdict? I like them, but it’s not enough. There are tons of complaints flying around since the release of the new scenario system that scenarios are ruining the game, killing oRvR, and passing healthcare. All of them horrendous offenses.

What we need alongside scenario bonuses are bonuses for open RvR! Where is my incentive to go take a keep? I’ve long since capped out on my influence and can get much more renown from a solid premade. Another factor, one that I haven’t decided upon yet, is I’m not sure if the Weekend Warfronts should be weekend events at all. A possible alternative would be to create “Weekly Warfronts.” Extend the scenario events from Monday to Thursday, increase the numbers on all the objectives, and give us some worthwhile rewards. At the same time, implement some kind of weekend incentive to get out and push some zones. Add a (couple?) new tiers of influence with gear that people actually want. This could mirror the scenario weapon system. Give renown and experience bonuses for being a part of the war effort.

All of what I just said sounds nice on paper (to me, at least). However, we do not live in a perfect world. On my server Order dominates completely and totally. Destruction has been beaten to a pulp so severely that they don’t try anymore (future post material possibly).

I’ve gotten a little bit off track from what this post was originally intentioned to be. I suggested my ideas for incentivized events but it just won’t work unless Mythic steps in and pulls a few fixes from the ground up. I’m hoping that the city change could somehow revitalize the oRvR scene on Gorfang, at least.

In conclusion: I like Weekend Warfronts, but the incentive shouldn’t be just on scenarios. Give us reasons to play the entire game.


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