March 20, 2010

Tomb of the Vulture Snores

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So, the title is a little more antagonistic than this post will actually be. To start off, I LOVE ToVL. I think the dungeon is an absolute blast with wildly creative environments and (so far) really fun bosses. That being said, and more along the lines of this post, something has changed.

My last experience in ToVL took place about, eh, six months ago. Last night was round one for my newly formed static group. From my previous experiences in the tomb I knew to be wary of everything there including the trash mobs. What I was surprised to see is that I was the only one who felt that way. In skipping out on six months of the dungeon’s progression, I had essentially skipped out on the hard part. I still remember spending over an hour on the first boss. I also remember sitting miserably at the computer as our tanks tried to understand the kiting mechanic on boss #2. The trash mobs in the third boss’ room gave us hell for at least an hour and a half every run, and then the boss itself was a steel wall of “you-will-get-no-further-this-time” for a solid two weeks. I don’t even remember the fourth boss fight from last time but the trash was a bitch. And finally, the fifth boss, as far as TNN ever got by the way, was where our progression came to a screeching and final halt.

It’s an interesting dichotomy when compared to the run that I had last night. First off, in the TNN runs we had a party of 6 people who all knew each other very well and had been playing tog, together for a few months. Last night was the second time most of us had played together. We cleared the first boss on our second attempt, only wiping because the order of KD’s hadn’t been established beforehand. Boss two dropped before he could even summon those annoying AoE swords, which may not be an achievement anymore but was mightily impressive in my outdated opinion. The trash in the third room was cleaned out in a matter of 15 minutes and the third boss itself was downed on our first ever try. #4 was again no big deal and we quickly made our way to the fifth.

This, unfortunately, is where our run ended for the night. We are planning on picking it back up sometime tonight. However, I am still amazed at the apparent lack of any difficultly through the first half of the instance. It’s pretty crazy to see the beginning of a dungeon’s progression, and then come back much later when it’s become almost puggable. If anything of import happens tonight, I’ll make sure to do another post about the second half of our run. On an unrelated note, I did get the second piece of the 5 piece glyph set off the fourth boss last night, so that made me pretty happy.


I’ve got a few topics which I am thinking about writing on, but can’t decide. I’m feeling pretty salty about slayers recently, so that might become a target for my ire. I’m also probably going to give my 2 cents on the recent quotes from Bioware’s CEO. In the end both will probably make their way down the pipeline, so stay tuned. Enjoy your weekend, Warhammer Universe.


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