March 11, 2010

Nickels and Dimes

Filed under: wartalk — Alex @ 8:12 am

In this one of three development posts released this week, Andy let us know about Mythic’s plan to combat the completely stagnant state of trade in the game.. They want to add an economy. Because, let’s be honest, there really isn’t one. Without giving it too much thought, I’m in full support of this. I believe having a functional and self-sufficient economy is a lot of fun in MMO’s, and that’s one thing that WAR has always lacked. I do have some concerns, however.

How are they going to do this? The game shipped with an endgame that had a ceiling. There’s nothing wrong with that, the city sieges were a main selling point, however it strictly limits vertical expansion. The only way left to expand is horizontal. Again, though, how? We’re only missing one PvE armor set (the Sovereign equivalent) and we just got some non-gold based weaponry. We also already have more than enough kinds of liniments and they’ve effectively put a stop to talisman making with the LotD talis.

What is left? New liniments? Better-than-LotD talis? Multiple sets of armor per RR? As far as the economy is concerned, the game seems capped. They obviously have some ideas cooking over there at Mythic, so we will see what happens.

Be sure to also check out Werit’s thoughts on the whole deal. He brings up some good points about the PvE Vs. PvP balance in the economy.


In the other two posts, Andy told us about some career balancing that’s going to go live in 1.3.5. I’m going to refrain from commenting on these for now because of my still being out of touch with the metagame. I’m sure some of the other fantastic bloggers in the WAR community will be able to give their 2 cents, so see my blogroll for more information.


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