August 13, 2009

Stop Your Whining

Filed under: The Old Blog — Alex @ 9:31 pm

Rant mode enabled. If you’re not interested in hearing most of what I think its wrong with the attitude of people in this game, skip this read. This is by no means an attack on anybody, Order or Destruction. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about on pretty much every server I’ve played on. The blog just lends me an outlet.

The vast majority of people who play WAR all share one thing: hypochondriasis. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypochondriasis, also used to explain a tendency to overly complain, or complain about nonexistent problems) They complain, constantly, about anything and everything inside the game. Granted, mechanics wise this game deserves some serious criticism. However, those same flaws that are deserving of a critical eye have poisoned the attitude of too many subscribers. Three examples

1. Mythic “loves” Order

The Order favoritism bullshit is probably number one in my book. A short economy lesson will follow. EA Mythic is a business, therefore they are interested in practicing good business. Good business doesn’t have anything at all to do with alienating half of your customer base. There is absolutely no rational reason why the development team of a multi million dollar project would forcibly skew the balance one way or the other. Listen up, people. Mythic isn’t good at balance. That doesn’t mean they’re doing it on purpose.

2. He’s good, too good…

A skilled player playing an overpowered class (or any other class, actually) is automatically a hacker. No doubts, no second guesses. 90% of this playerbase will accuse someone they have never talked to of cheating only because they know a cheating program exists. Serious empshasis here. Stop it with the rampant accusations of cheatery and shenanigans, because it’s pretty pathetic. I’ve been in warbands where after a wipe the general consensus on the cause was “well you know like all of them are cheating, right?” There is no proof, there is no evidence, only that they killed you and you’re pretty pissed. Ranged classes, don’t complain that you get stunned and are pretty much dead by the time you’re free. I hear people saying, “If I can’t even play while he’s hitting me, it’s not a fight!” Guess what? If you’re a softie and that mdps class made it to you, the fight is over already. It’s their JOB to manipulate the situation in their favor, you have range and a plethora of CC to keep them at bay. (I’m looking at you, shammies and squiggies)

3. Organization beats your terrible pugs

6mans can easily and very thoroughly dismantle a run-of-the-mill pug. A widespread belief in WAR is that numbers > cooperation, every time. That belief has caused more of the cheating accusations and general stupidity that happens (I’m assuming) on both sides. Last week a coordinated group (read: 6) of Order wiped a hodge-podge of Destruction attempting the Temple of Ualalalaptpaa PQ in LotD. I do not exaggerate; the first reason offered was a steadfast declaration that they all cheated. No, it couldn’t have been the fact that a few of the warband members were dead due to not knowing how the second stage of the public quest works. Nor could it have been a serious level disadvantage because of the numerous 30’s present in the WB. You would have to be stupid to think that it was because the Order used assist trains and focused their healing, right?

Oh well. I’m not going to change any opinions with this post. It’s pretty much an exercise in therapy. I formally apologize to all of you, Order or Destruction, who have been falsely reported for using hacks because of the pretty well known graphics bug that shows you as flying on behalf of everyone who knows better. I also apologize to all the “elite” players immediately identified as a cheater because they are good. I realize that cheating does exist in this game, but damnit people, y’all are being pretty stupid.


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