August 6, 2009

The Ninth Night

Filed under: The Old Blog — Alex @ 9:51 pm

Is a great guild, plain and simple.

I’ve been in TNN since Thokk was barely into T2, and it is with much sadness that I say it’s time for me to leave. I play WAR to have fun and for me, at least, more fun could be had elsewhere. I bid farewell to many stellar players in the ranks of TNN, here comes the roll call.

Huntler, for healing me better than anyone ever has

Afaa, you’re the best (only =]) Blackguard I’ve ever seen. Do I hear the baby crying?

Akyr… you were the father I pretended to never have

Dethkloc for always being content with second-best 😉

Hackinn, damn man did we make a sick duo back in the day. Good luck in the future

T… you know I always outdpsed you, right? Enjoy Aion man!

Tarrolla, you were here when I joined and you’re still here now that I’m leaving. I enjoyed all the time I spent with you, and wish you the best.

Dopa, mad respect for you man. Be blessed and be safe wherever you end up.

Dageoff, does your shield still make a face with the rest of your armor?

Xandou damnit this is why we can’t have nice things.

Zenos (Formerly Sedition) We never got to play together very much with your hiatus, but you were always a funny guy to be in vent with and made the channel a happier environment.

Izz, you’re the best Magus on the server and the most chill GM I’ve ever played under. Keep doing what you do, because it works.

That about wraps up this post. I’ll be joining Macabre, (much to the chagrin of Hallu =]) who’s leadership has been incredibly welcoming to myself and my close friends who are making the switch with me.

This by no means signifies an end to the blog or my subscription, it’s an homage to one of the great organizations I’ve been honored to be a part of in this game. I’ll be seeing everyone in game, vent, and tells.


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