July 19, 2009

Posts Incoming

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Going to do a WCPI write up later today along with an actual blog post. Heads up!


July 16, 2009

The Gorfang Adjustment

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Well, it happened. We all moved over to Gorfang… and to great success. The community has been overwhelmingly gracious in their welcome and we’ve already made quite a few new friends. In addition to broadening our e-horizons it’s also brought the Ironfist community closer together than ever before. It’s a very good place to be right now.

Shout outs include: Blazeric and Mistgun for giving me some great duels that first night, Tranaarg (sp) for standing out among the White Lions, Voland and Nex for being great healers during this afternoon’s round of scenarios, SiN for welcoming a bunch of our Ironfist brethren into their alliance, and the general Gorfang population for provding such a fun environment.

In other news, the patch notes for 1.3.0b dropped today, and I’m very excited for that patch. AoE and CC standardization makes Thokk a happy choppa.

Going to cut this post short as I’m currently in the car on the way to an undoubtedly boring family function. I’ll be home later tonight to cut you all up into little pieces.

July 13, 2009

Technical Difficulties, Life Aggro, and SERVER TRANSFERS!

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Many of you (read: my single digit audience) might have been wondering where I’ve been since my vacation. Well, a myriad of things prevented me from blogging about WAR. The internet has been spotty since my return, the arrival of two new kittens in my house, and the heating up of my baseball season have all played a part in my lack of activity. Have no fear, though, ye loyal few. Thok is coming back starting tomorrow. Mythic announced earlier today that they would be facilitating server merges starting on the 14th. Seeing as my friends all but gave up on Iron Rock, and community is my #1 focus in MMOs, it’s time to bring Thok off the shelf.

With the advent of a new server the second coming of The Ninth Night will begin. This is something that IF has needed for far too long now, and it is truly about time that Mythic responds. In closing, (going to be late to hitting practice if I don’t get out of here) this is amazing news. I welcome all my future Gorfang friends and foes, and sadly say goodbye to those I met on Iron Rock for the short time I was there. It’s a new chapter for WARgames, and a new chapter for this WAR subscriber.

July 3, 2009

Enjoying Vacation

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Just a heads up to let everyone know that I haven’t quit blogging, I’m just on vacation.

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