June 20, 2009

A change of direction

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Please excuse some typing errors as this was drafted on my phone, I’m at least going to try to blog while on vacation.

Depressing post after depressing post has plagued my blog recently. That time is at an end. After suffering from a pre patch bunout period and seeing my server begin to crumble, I’m done with the sulking. My best friend in real life, also a guilie on Ironfist, has decided to reroll with me to Iron Rock.

This means I say a (indefinite) goodbye to Thokrog the choppa. When Mythic opens up server transfers off IF, he may see some playtime once again. However, the time calls for a fresh start. I’d like to formally introduce you to Smiters the Archmage (last name will be Boon. It’s a Guild Wars joke) and Feathery Goodness the KotBS. Its a dramatic change from squishy mdps to hyrbid healer and tank, but I believe it to bw for the better. After playing a shaman up to 11 and enjoying the heck out of it, the more visually appealing (IMO) AM was a shoe in for character choice. I also wanted a frontliner and something that could hold its own in duels like my choppa did. I’ve always found WAR tanks fun to play and I felt the knight gave the most gameplay for me. Twisting is something I look forward to, and I didn’t want to bother with combos or balancing grudge.

So where do I go from here? Well, I’ll be leveling the two characters alongside one another with my friend as we plan on aoe grinding. We’re looking to form a guild named <Kamikaze Tactics>; another homage to our time in Guild Wars. Whether that guild works out or we end up joining an established one upon reaching 40 is of little consequence. We’re here to have fun playing a great game, and most importantly, to win.

If you currently play on Iron Rock or are thinking of rolling there, shoot me a tell in game or leave a comment here. Community is the most important aspect of MMOs for yours truly, and the quicker we get one the better.

In conclusion, i’d just like to say that I’ve doubly renewed my spark to play with this decision. It’s incredibly difficult to say goodbye to my good friends on Ironfist, but I’m just not enjoying the game over there like I used to. TNN, you’ve been great. Youre the premiere guild on destro now, keep rolling those premades. To those of you on order whom Ive come to know, I’m sorry I won’t be around to chop you into little bits anymore.

I’ll be on vent almost daily, guys. Enjoy yourselves.


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  1. Welcome to Iron Rock.

    I will look for you on the battlefield.



    Comment by Bede — July 3, 2009 @ 2:46 pm

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