June 18, 2009

Finding that spark

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Burnout sucks. Knowing that you are slowly but surely losing the inspiration to keep logging into a game you enjoy is a sad feeling. I’ve been an ADD gamer since I discovered MMO’s. However, knowing that I tend to ping pong around around games helps me to be ready for that burnout sensation. I don’t ever want to stop playing the game I’m currently subbed to. Luckily, those tools tend to come in handy.

This week I laid off WAR a little bit. The combination of lag inherent with a huge patch, the literal explosion of my interface, (fantastic interface courtesy ofYakar) and peaking frustration about activity levels and apathy on the part of developers really turned me off of the game. I just didn’t feel like joining that pug warband only to know that we wouldn’t get anywhere because Order outnumbered and outcoordinated us at every turn. Along with that, my shoddy and hastily made replacement interface was rickety and no real fun to use.

So, I rolled an alt. A shaman to be exact, named Shaam.  (future last name is Wow. Please, hold your applause. I know the name is absolutely awesome) Not only did I roll Shaam, but I found new interest in my 31 BO who I abandoned with the release of Choppas. After all, Green iz best. Back to the shaman though :D. This t1 character has rekindled my inspiration for WAR. I can honestly say that playing him in what I consider the best scenarios in the game has been the most fun since first stepping into Gates of Ekrund during beta.

I have by no means abandoned Thokrog the choppa, he is still my main and I played him quite a bit last night. This post is a reflection on how sometimes you just need to take a step back and refresh. Take some time off even. Sure the situation with Mythic and the current state of the game isn’t ideal, but remember that it never is with MMO’s. One needs to learn how to tune out the unnecessary (read: superfluous)  negativity. Criticism is good, but pessimism to the point of hating your game is just counterproductive.

Also, a big bonus in rekindling that passion is scenarios like this one 😀

Oh T1, How I Missed Thee


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