June 17, 2009

Apathy and typical PC Rhetoric

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I’m tired of playing on a lousy server. I’m tired of playing with a community that would rather tear each other apart than organize and play the game cooperatively. I’m not blaming that playerbase this time, I’m blaming Mythic. The title of this post, “Apathy and typical PC Rhetoric,” sums up the responses we have gotten from Mythic reps on the issue when brought up on our server forums. I’m not new to MMO’s, nor forums for that matter. I’ve seen the rehashed and machine fed responses that moderators and devs alike are forced to spit back out at the vast majority of community concerns. However, those same rehashed and machine fed responses anger me much more when the community concern is so personal. Ironfist contains my only 40. Ironfist contains the only guild that I’ve really enjoyed being in on WAR. Ironfist contains a community that I feel like I’ve become a part of. I’ve been playing since release, and following the game since early ’07.

When I rolled on Ironfist I thought that I had found the end of my terribad server days. While IF doesn’t qualify as “terribad” just yet, it’s definitely not on the positive end of the spectrum. Mythic, do something. Don’t spew out the same old response. All I want (and I know this will never happen) is a straight up answer. Yes or no. That way, I can seriously sit down and decide whether I want to continue on this server anymore. There’s so much of this game that our community is missing out on because of problems that could easily be solved by the developer.

One final word: server merges and transfers hurt your delicate MMO dev rep exponentially less than a total shutdown due to complete neglect.


This is by no means a “I’m quitting” post. Rather, it’s an “I’m really upset with how this issue is being handled” post. I’ll be going out of town for 10 days starting Friday morning. I’ll attempt to get in at least one more post before then, and maybe try to eek out a few via my phone while I’m away. If that doesn’t work out, then I wish you all the best of luck as you feel out version 1.3. A few days after my return from vacation I’ll do a write up on the patch as I see it and have experienced. Enjoy!

Edit: I’d like to direct all of you reading this to my server forums. Particularly a thread that has been going on for far too long without a concrete response. Please feel free to give the Ironfist community a bump and a support. Every person counts.



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