June 15, 2009

Episode WAR: A New Hope

Filed under: The Old Blog — Alex @ 1:59 pm

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be playing this game until the servers shut down. What worries me however, is that I’m the minority. Faith in both the game and its creators is at an all time low. Hesitant optimism fills the air as the launch of patch 1.3 approaches, and with it an expansion upon which the hopes of many players ride. Will it succeed, or will it kill Warhammer? I’m here to tell you that it won’t do either.

LotD is an expansion. As such, it will follow “post expansion syndrome.” Subscriber numbers will artificially swell to accomodate the mass hysteria of the new launch. Some of these people will rekindle their love for WAR, some will not. The actual subscriber total will not change much with 1.3. Most people have already made their decision. You’re probably wondering what I believe will decide the fate of the game. I’m also probably going to tell you in the next paragraph.

Things likethis will save Warhammer. This shows me that Mythic acknowledges the problems we have with their game (it really is theirs people). Admitting the issues that the playerbase has is a great way to placate the playerbase, as evidenced by my newly placated state. I’m happy to say that if this behavior continues (followed by actual implementation of said fixes) WAR will not only halt the hemmorhaging subscriber numbers, but begin a new growth.


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