June 12, 2009

So I just got roflstomped, can we talk?

Filed under: The Old Blog — Alex @ 11:14 am

Why can’t we communicate with the opposing realm in WAR? Drawing upon my own experiences in Guild Wars, I’ve found that this is a feature our [not so?] beloved MMO dearly lacks. Communication (read: smack talk) between teams in HA throughout my GW years was actually a large part of what kept me playing. It kept the competitive atmosphere at an ever constant high. Lore-wise, there are even reasons supporting this addition to Warhammer. Chaos and Empire are the same species, yet they remain linguistically individual. The same goes for elves as well. Thirdly, dwarves are allied with both High Elves and the Empire, and they too are incapable of communication with the enemy. Greenskins are known for their thick accents and deep seeded rivalry with the dwarves so naturally that rivalry must have come from grunts and spitting only, right? Not a chance it originated from any means of communication above that of cave men. Why would there be a world-defining war between six different sides if the two alliegances were unable to communicate? Makes no sense to me, and I believe it’s robbing the game of a very worthwhile feature. Community keeps people around, folks. Most people who have been playing MMO’s for a while now will admit that. Competition is the fertilizer to community’s garden. There are already out of game channels that Order and Destruction use to chat, we all know about them, so why not be able to talk while in-game as well?


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  1. I guess the only thing they’d worry about is collusion between members of opposing realms but as you said if members of opposing realms really want to do that there are other ways of communicating. At the very least they should add a bunch more emotes in to encourage irritating the other side.

    Comment by Gerd — June 13, 2009 @ 6:21 pm

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