June 7, 2009

Rant Mode Enabled

Filed under: The Old Blog — Alex @ 12:05 pm

Do you agree with keep ninjaing? I do. You may think I’m biased because I play a MDPS, and you might be right, but let me explain myself. On my server, Ironfist, Order has recently been pushing us around like nobody’s business. The small 6-12 mans I briefly highlighted in my previous post are effective, but we can’t hold off a zerg on our own. Some of the most exciting moments we have had (in my own opinion) have been when our group has stopped an Order zone lock dead in its tracks via taking a keep silently. It requires a wee bit of coordination (another spot for my previous post) and not much else. It’s difficult to defend against, and yes, it gives me something to do in mundane keep takes. I dont understand the common complaint that non-ninjaers don’t get contribution either. Wasn’t that you who was just complaining about how loot rolls are completely random? Yeah, there you are. I’ve been one of three people to touch the lord and have placed 34th our of 40 odd people.  So no, your contribution cries don’t effect me. I don’t mind beating the front door down so you can roll on that anni bag, but don’t act as if I have a shoe in to win it with this vegas loot system. Also, I realize that some of you still need anni gear, and I would do everything in my power to help you get that gear, but you need to realize that the realm’s needs outweigh any individual’s.

My final point is a diatribe on the future behavior of players if we get such semi-promised updates as destructible keep walls, digging underneath said walls, etc. Whining has already gotten Bypass ninjas a nerf incoming. Please don’t force Mythic into nullfying another idea to make keep sieges fun.



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