June 20, 2009

A change of direction

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Please excuse some typing errors as this was drafted on my phone, I’m at least going to try to blog while on vacation.

Depressing post after depressing post has plagued my blog recently. That time is at an end. After suffering from a pre patch bunout period and seeing my server begin to crumble, I’m done with the sulking. My best friend in real life, also a guilie on Ironfist, has decided to reroll with me to Iron Rock.

This means I say a (indefinite) goodbye to Thokrog the choppa. When Mythic opens up server transfers off IF, he may see some playtime once again. However, the time calls for a fresh start. I’d like to formally introduce you to Smiters the Archmage (last name will be Boon. It’s a Guild Wars joke) and Feathery Goodness the KotBS. Its a dramatic change from squishy mdps to hyrbid healer and tank, but I believe it to bw for the better. After playing a shaman up to 11 and enjoying the heck out of it, the more visually appealing (IMO) AM was a shoe in for character choice. I also wanted a frontliner and something that could hold its own in duels like my choppa did. I’ve always found WAR tanks fun to play and I felt the knight gave the most gameplay for me. Twisting is something I look forward to, and I didn’t want to bother with combos or balancing grudge.

So where do I go from here? Well, I’ll be leveling the two characters alongside one another with my friend as we plan on aoe grinding. We’re looking to form a guild named <Kamikaze Tactics>; another homage to our time in Guild Wars. Whether that guild works out or we end up joining an established one upon reaching 40 is of little consequence. We’re here to have fun playing a great game, and most importantly, to win.

If you currently play on Iron Rock or are thinking of rolling there, shoot me a tell in game or leave a comment here. Community is the most important aspect of MMOs for yours truly, and the quicker we get one the better.

In conclusion, i’d just like to say that I’ve doubly renewed my spark to play with this decision. It’s incredibly difficult to say goodbye to my good friends on Ironfist, but I’m just not enjoying the game over there like I used to. TNN, you’ve been great. Youre the premiere guild on destro now, keep rolling those premades. To those of you on order whom Ive come to know, I’m sorry I won’t be around to chop you into little bits anymore.

I’ll be on vent almost daily, guys. Enjoy yourselves.


Tweet tweet part 2

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After seeing that it wasn’t so bad doing a post from my phone I’ve decided to continue blogging while on vacation. However, that by no means is an excuse for you all not to follow @wartalk!

June 19, 2009

A sad day

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Folks, the title says it all. As I sit here in hotel #1 of 2 (the second probably won’t have internet, and I’m only here for a night) I see that Warheap will no longer be updated. For those of you who don’t know, Warheap is among the elite tools for WAR players. It logs the number of active players of every career on every active server, dishing out percents, renown ranks, links to the realm war page, and more. It’s very simple to use and incredibly handy as well. It’s unfortunate that a site like this will no longer be around.

Check it out at warheap.com

June 18, 2009

Tweet tweet

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Don’t forget to follow the blog on twitter. While I’m out of town that is the one thing that will 100% be updated.

Also, scroll doooown and check out the recent posts on this page 😀

Finding that spark

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Burnout sucks. Knowing that you are slowly but surely losing the inspiration to keep logging into a game you enjoy is a sad feeling. I’ve been an ADD gamer since I discovered MMO’s. However, knowing that I tend to ping pong around around games helps me to be ready for that burnout sensation. I don’t ever want to stop playing the game I’m currently subbed to. Luckily, those tools tend to come in handy.

This week I laid off WAR a little bit. The combination of lag inherent with a huge patch, the literal explosion of my interface, (fantastic interface courtesy ofYakar) and peaking frustration about activity levels and apathy on the part of developers really turned me off of the game. I just didn’t feel like joining that pug warband only to know that we wouldn’t get anywhere because Order outnumbered and outcoordinated us at every turn. Along with that, my shoddy and hastily made replacement interface was rickety and no real fun to use.

So, I rolled an alt. A shaman to be exact, named Shaam.  (future last name is Wow. Please, hold your applause. I know the name is absolutely awesome) Not only did I roll Shaam, but I found new interest in my 31 BO who I abandoned with the release of Choppas. After all, Green iz best. Back to the shaman though :D. This t1 character has rekindled my inspiration for WAR. I can honestly say that playing him in what I consider the best scenarios in the game has been the most fun since first stepping into Gates of Ekrund during beta.

I have by no means abandoned Thokrog the choppa, he is still my main and I played him quite a bit last night. This post is a reflection on how sometimes you just need to take a step back and refresh. Take some time off even. Sure the situation with Mythic and the current state of the game isn’t ideal, but remember that it never is with MMO’s. One needs to learn how to tune out the unnecessary (read: superfluous)  negativity. Criticism is good, but pessimism to the point of hating your game is just counterproductive.

Also, a big bonus in rekindling that passion is scenarios like this one 😀

Oh T1, How I Missed Thee

June 17, 2009

Apathy and typical PC Rhetoric

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I’m tired of playing on a lousy server. I’m tired of playing with a community that would rather tear each other apart than organize and play the game cooperatively. I’m not blaming that playerbase this time, I’m blaming Mythic. The title of this post, “Apathy and typical PC Rhetoric,” sums up the responses we have gotten from Mythic reps on the issue when brought up on our server forums. I’m not new to MMO’s, nor forums for that matter. I’ve seen the rehashed and machine fed responses that moderators and devs alike are forced to spit back out at the vast majority of community concerns. However, those same rehashed and machine fed responses anger me much more when the community concern is so personal. Ironfist contains my only 40. Ironfist contains the only guild that I’ve really enjoyed being in on WAR. Ironfist contains a community that I feel like I’ve become a part of. I’ve been playing since release, and following the game since early ’07.

When I rolled on Ironfist I thought that I had found the end of my terribad server days. While IF doesn’t qualify as “terribad” just yet, it’s definitely not on the positive end of the spectrum. Mythic, do something. Don’t spew out the same old response. All I want (and I know this will never happen) is a straight up answer. Yes or no. That way, I can seriously sit down and decide whether I want to continue on this server anymore. There’s so much of this game that our community is missing out on because of problems that could easily be solved by the developer.

One final word: server merges and transfers hurt your delicate MMO dev rep exponentially less than a total shutdown due to complete neglect.


This is by no means a “I’m quitting” post. Rather, it’s an “I’m really upset with how this issue is being handled” post. I’ll be going out of town for 10 days starting Friday morning. I’ll attempt to get in at least one more post before then, and maybe try to eek out a few via my phone while I’m away. If that doesn’t work out, then I wish you all the best of luck as you feel out version 1.3. A few days after my return from vacation I’ll do a write up on the patch as I see it and have experienced. Enjoy!

Edit: I’d like to direct all of you reading this to my server forums. Particularly a thread that has been going on for far too long without a concrete response. Please feel free to give the Ironfist community a bump and a support. Every person counts.


WCPI #2: Shadow WAR

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This week’s WCPI spotlight comes in the form of Shadow WAR. The blog’s author plays on my server, and while I am rarely given the chance to chop him into tiny bits, I do respect is opinions on the game. The blog is always well written and up to date, I’d highly suggest adding it to your tracker. That suggestion goes twice for all you Shadow Warriors out there. You can check out Shadow WARhere, and I hope you like it.

June 15, 2009

Episode WAR: A New Hope

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Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be playing this game until the servers shut down. What worries me however, is that I’m the minority. Faith in both the game and its creators is at an all time low. Hesitant optimism fills the air as the launch of patch 1.3 approaches, and with it an expansion upon which the hopes of many players ride. Will it succeed, or will it kill Warhammer? I’m here to tell you that it won’t do either.

LotD is an expansion. As such, it will follow “post expansion syndrome.” Subscriber numbers will artificially swell to accomodate the mass hysteria of the new launch. Some of these people will rekindle their love for WAR, some will not. The actual subscriber total will not change much with 1.3. Most people have already made their decision. You’re probably wondering what I believe will decide the fate of the game. I’m also probably going to tell you in the next paragraph.

Things likethis will save Warhammer. This shows me that Mythic acknowledges the problems we have with their game (it really is theirs people). Admitting the issues that the playerbase has is a great way to placate the playerbase, as evidenced by my newly placated state. I’m happy to say that if this behavior continues (followed by actual implementation of said fixes) WAR will not only halt the hemmorhaging subscriber numbers, but begin a new growth.

June 14, 2009

I’m not dead!

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It’s been a hellstorm of activity recently for me, so that’s why the posts have slowed down. No worries, it’s going to pick up again soon. Apologies to those who commented and didn’t recieve replies, you will soon.

June 12, 2009

So I just got roflstomped, can we talk?

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Why can’t we communicate with the opposing realm in WAR? Drawing upon my own experiences in Guild Wars, I’ve found that this is a feature our [not so?] beloved MMO dearly lacks. Communication (read: smack talk) between teams in HA throughout my GW years was actually a large part of what kept me playing. It kept the competitive atmosphere at an ever constant high. Lore-wise, there are even reasons supporting this addition to Warhammer. Chaos and Empire are the same species, yet they remain linguistically individual. The same goes for elves as well. Thirdly, dwarves are allied with both High Elves and the Empire, and they too are incapable of communication with the enemy. Greenskins are known for their thick accents and deep seeded rivalry with the dwarves so naturally that rivalry must have come from grunts and spitting only, right? Not a chance it originated from any means of communication above that of cave men. Why would there be a world-defining war between six different sides if the two alliegances were unable to communicate? Makes no sense to me, and I believe it’s robbing the game of a very worthwhile feature. Community keeps people around, folks. Most people who have been playing MMO’s for a while now will admit that. Competition is the fertilizer to community’s garden. There are already out of game channels that Order and Destruction use to chat, we all know about them, so why not be able to talk while in-game as well?

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