May 31, 2009

The LOST Vale

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Lost Vale, the current pinnacle of the PvE experience that Warhammer offers. A beautifully crafted dungeon with dizzying locales and very creative mob design. Huge in scope, even larger in risk and reward. I’ve been there before. I cleared the left wing about a week and a half ago. Tonight, I was in a guild group focused on taking down the middle wing. (we did right a few nights ago) The run went very well. One wipe on trash mobs because of a procedural error on our tank’s part, and only one full wipe on N’Kari. That’s where the inspiration for this post comes in.

We killed N’Kari. The fight went extremely well, especially considering it was my first time there. I thought the encounter itself was very fun and tooled to about the correct difficulty. Upon the Keeper of Secrets’ death, like always, she fell down. However, not like always, she fell through the floor. On my screen I could see a mirror image of this dread queen standing upside down, feet just below the surface and head plumbing the depths. Also, she was unlootable. Awesome, right? We all very quickly CSR’d it and are actually waiting for a response right now.

I’m going to be more than a little upset if nothing happens with our tickets. We should at least be granted a respawn and another chance at the loot. This kind of bug is unforgivable, especially in the epitome of “boss fights.” I’ve gotta say I’m pretty disappointed.

I’ll update this post with the conclusion.



No luck. We decided to make a run through left wing and I managed to snagThis Little Baby which will work nicely with my Hitta build. Not once throughout the night did we get contacted by a CSR about our lost N’Kari drops. Quite disappointing to say the least. I sincerely hope this bug gets fixed, after all, it could have been a Darkpromise Tuff Chest laying at the bottom of that pool.


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