May 28, 2009

PvE City

Filed under: The Old Blog — Alex @ 3:53 pm

So this past weekend I was graced with the opportunity to defend the Inevitable City by my friends from across the warfront. The attack never made it past stage one, and the verdict on cities so far is a very big: meh. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the invader crests and chance at rare invader loot… but there’s something missing. Pure RvR. I don’t really care how it’s implemented, but this PQ system needs to go. First off, on servers such as mine, its almost impossible to complete the PQ when a comparable enemy force resides within your instance. That’s cool and all, but I’m not one for an hour long stalemate. I would suggest a totally BO style mechanic. Each side would get a progression meter and holding BO’s would steadily increase progression. They could even keep the fires and crystal shards/whatever the Altdorf equivalent is as something to contribute more to the progression bar. 

Like I said, I really don’t care how it gets implemented, all I care is that it does. Too much PvE in my PvP has been a saying of mine for a while now in WAR. The city fights are supposed to be the epitome of this game. Why does the climax not primarily include what the game is based around? I love the idea of PQs, they’re a revolutionary idea for MMOs. However, I want to kill Order.


EDIT: Left a tidbit out. The progression system I mentioned would still be set in the 1hr timer and it would be possible for neither team to fill the bar.


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