May 27, 2009

New kid on the block

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Hello and welcome to all of you out there. As I’m new to the blogging scene I’ll kick this off with a little about me. 

I’m a 17 year-old junior in high school who is planning on attending THE Ohio State University upon graduation. I’ve (so far) maintained a 4.0 GPA in honors and AP classes throughout high school. Apart from my time in MMO’s, I love playing baseball and lifting. 

I’ve played Guild Wars, Eve, WoW, and WAR up to this point in my MMO career dating back almost five years. By far I have the most time invested in Guild Wars. I played in [FINE] for close to two years. Hopefully some of you know what that was. 

Anyway, around the time I was beginning to tire with Guild Wars’ epic PvP  Iwas told about a brand new MMO on the distant horizon. That game, of course, was Warhammer. Shortly thereafter I joined WHA (July ’07 I believe. Too lazy to check my account. The name is Thok by the way) and haven’t looked back. 

I swallowed up everything possible about WAR; the production podcasts, newsletters, nothing was enough. I got into closed beta through the BOOM! comic contest and was blown away. I saw slightly WoW style gameplay with slower yet tactical PvP. Fast forward a few months and an “Elder Tester” recognition and what else arrives in the mail but my CE box set. The WARgames had begun.

The months following the release of WAR found me bouncing between lots of servers and even more characters. Old friends from Guild Wars decided to subscribe which caused me to reroll from Destruction to Order. Two weeks later they quit, which was cool for my recently deleted BO. It was around November when the game began to grow stale for me. I was on a dead server without any RvR–the whole point of playing WAR for me in the first place. On top of that I was guildless because of the server’s incredibly low population. After taking that for a few weeks, I unsubbed. 

Come January I was itching to play WAR again. So I did. Here I am now with a Choppa main and a BO on his way up. I’ve found a great guild on a [semi]great server and I’m enjoying the game more than ever. 

I’ve always wanted to blog about the games I play. As this is a short and sloppy introduction, I hope you all [not]reading this are interested enough to come back for more. 1.3 is on the horizon and I’ve already got a plethora of topics I’d like to write about. The WAR blogging community has shrunk recently but it’s sure as hell not dead, and I’d like to add my 2 cents.


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